Gum arabic

Große Gummi Arabicum Klumpen

A brief description

We would like to share our enthusiasm for gum arabic with you. There is no chemically synthesised product that can offer the unique properties and multi-faceted functionality of this natural gum. We aim to provide our customers from the food and pharmaceutical industry with ready-to-use grades while ensuring secure supply and excellent service. That is our goal.

Due to its low viscosity, gum arabic has a solubility rate in water of up to 50%, which gives it an outstanding position among the natural hydrocolloids. Acacia gum is both taste- and odourless, and can be used for a great number of applications because it binds, stabilises, and protects.

As a result of its prebiotic properties, there is an ever-increasing demand for gum arabic as a functional ingredient.  Gum arabic is composed of more than 85% of the natural fibre Arabinogalactan and is completely soluble in water.

It is this property that makes the polysaccharide the perfect partner for the food industry. Gum arabic has a low energy content and can be used to partially replace fat or sugar and thus help to meet consumer demands with regard to healthy nutrition.

Keep it natural

The call for more natural processed foodstuffs is growing ever louder. Gum arabic is a natural, GMO-free substance that is cultivated without the use of fertilisers or pesticides. Food producers are becoming more and more interested in aspects such as „Green Labelling“. By using gum arabic, producers have a clear advantage and are able to positively influence purchasing decisions. Of course we also supply certified organic grades (DE-ÖKO-005).

A brief description of its origins

Gum arabic is the hardened sap of the Acacia senegal tree, and other related species. These acacia trees grow in the Savanna of the African Sahel. The so-called “Gum Belt” spans the entire continent of Africa. It starts in Senegal and ends in Somalia. Acacia gum is normally harvested in the dry season between November and April. Due to the fact that the Acacia trees form a natural wind barrier that helps combat the expansion of the Sahara, gum arabic is a particularly sustainable product. During the harvest season, gum arabic provides a source of income for up to 5 million people in the Sahel. As a result of its importance, the tree population is maintained by the inhabitants and because acacias are legumes, they enrich the region’s poor soil with nitrogen. Our spray-dried powders are produced in Germany in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Applications of gum arabic

Stabiliser of emulsions and supensions
Foam stabiliser
Stabiliser and improvement of texture in wine-making

Glazing- and coating agent
Suspension agent
Film former, barrier and protection colloid
Adhesive and binder
Texturiser and gelling agent
Anti-cristallisation agent,

Dairy products/sauces
Suspension agent, emulsifier and stabilizer
Gelling agent

Baked goods
Improved moisture properties, improved freezing properties, softer texture, crispier crust

Flavors, vitamins and other functional supplements
Carrier and protection colloid, microencapsulations
Emulsifier, stabilisation and suspension agent

As a water-soluble fibre
Fibre enrichment
Prebiotic properties
Reduction of the nutritional value of foodstuffs
Possible use of nutrition claims

Pharmaceuticals and Health Care Products
Emulsification and stabilisation of emulsions or suspensions
Binder or texturizer for pastilles and tablets
Coating agent

Numerous other applications
Emulsification and Stabilisation in cosmetics and Personal Care
Emulsifier for printing ink
Film former or coating agent for industrial applications

Our product portfolio

Willy Benecke offers different grades. We produce them for you in Germany at our spray drying facility SprayCom GmbH.

  • Spray-dried agglomerated powder (instant)
  • Minimal dust formation during use
  • Optimal flow properties
  • Rapid solubility, especially for highly concentrated solutions

Our spray-dried grades are free of impurities, have a very low level of microbiological contamination due to pasteurisation, and are characterised by their rapid solubility. They are produced under a stringent, certified quality management- and HACCP system in order to ensure that we provide the processing industry with a safe additive. Our experienced employees conduct the analytical quality control at our in-house laboratory. Our spray-dried powders fulfill all statutory requirements: E 414 (EU 231/2012), Ph. Eur., BP, JECFA, USP, FCC

We furthermore offer gum arabic in the following forms:

  • Mechanically milled powder
  • Granules
  • Raw product
  • Liquid solutions, if desired

The resins from different parts of the Sahel vary considerably in terms of their properties. We choose the correct grade for your specific application. We also stock certified organic grades (DE–ÖKO-005).

Should you require special product parameters, we can create a tailored product that can be produced on demand. We stand for a high level of flexibility and individual service, which also extends to packaging, transport and documentation.