Styrax Gum

Styrax Gummi

A brief description

Geographic and botanical origin

Styrax is the pleasant smelling gum of two tree genera. It must be differentiated from Benzoin Gum, which is also harvested from trees of the genus Styrax. “True” Styrax is the gum of the tree species Styrax officinalis. “False” Styrax, also called Storax, is the gum of the tree genus Liquidambar. 

Storax gum has three geographical origins. American Storax is harvested from the species Liquidambar styracifula in northern and Central America. Asian Storax is harvested from the species Liquidambar altingiana in southeastern Asia and Turkish Storax is harvested from the species Liquidambar orientalis in Turkey. 

Harvest and Processing

All varieties of Styrax gum are harvested in the same manner: The trees are tapped and the gum exudes from the tree wound. After letting the gum dry, it is collected by farmers. 

The raw material Styrax can be processed further by distillation. Steam distillation delivers the best quality while alcohol distillation delivers the highest yield. 

Traditional and industrial applications

Styrax gum consists of styrene and cinnamate derivates. These compounds deliver a heavy, sweet odor that has a relaxing and calming effect. Its pleasant smell makes Styrax gum into a component of sweet and grassy fragrances and a raw material for the fragrance industry. Further traditional applications of Styrax gum are as incent and for therapeutical usage.

Willy Benecke and the raw material Styrax Gum

Willy Benecke has a long history as supplier of the raw material styrax gum. We purchase our gum from different suppliers to ensure that the demands of our customers are met, to ensure highest quality at all times and to guarantee short delivery times.

We offer Styrax Gum for the following industrial applications:

  • As raw material in the frangrance industry
  • As raw material in the flavor industry