Gum asafoetida

Asafoetida Gummi

A brief description

Geographic and botanical origin of Asafoetida Gum

Asafoetida is the exudate gum of several plants of the Ferula genus, specifically the species Ferula foetida and Ferula assa-foetida. These plants are endemic to the barren and dry regions of Central Asia. The Ferula-plants are part of the family Apiaceae that also contains the genus Daucus – from which the most well known species is the carrot. 

Harvest and Processing of Asafoetida Gum

In analogy to its better known cousin the carrot, Ferula plants develop stout taproots. Ferula assa-foetida can be harvested as of the fourth or fifth year. The raw material Asafoetida is produced through a cut that separates the plant from the root. A milky juice exudes from the severed taproot: Asafoetida Gum. A few days after the cut, the gum is collected by farmers and a new cut is made in the root. Hence the process is repeated. 

Asafoetida Gum can be processed in a further step. Asafoetida oil can be extracted through steam distillation. This oil is often used in industrial applications. 

Sensory and phytochemical composition

The raw material Asafoetida is a whitish to grey-brown gum mass. The gum has a noxious, pungent smell which is the reason for Asafoetida’s alternative labels: “devil’s dung” and stinking gum. 

The phytochemical compounds of Asafeotida gum are the same as for all natural resins: ethanol soluble resin, water soluble, polysaccharide gum and a small amount of volatile, aromatic essential oils. Parts of these valuable oils are disulphid derivates that are responsible for the pungent smell of the gum.

Traditional and industrial applications

In cooked dishes, Asafoetida develops a smooth onion- or garlic-like taste that is valued as a condiment in the Punjabi and Ayurveda cuisine. For this application, Asafoetida gum is also known as “food of the gods”.

The essential oils are also the reason why Asafoetida is used in the regional traditional medicine in a variety of ways, from Saudi Arabia to China. The effects of this raw material on the human body are slowly shifting into the scientific focus, where it is examined and studied under laboratory conditions.

Willy Benecke and Asafoetida Gum

Willy Benecke has a long standing history as supplier of the raw material Asafoetida Gum. We purchase our gum from trusted long-time suppliers, to ensure that the demands of our customers are met, to ensure highest quality at all times and to guarantee short delivery times.

We offer Asafoetida Gum for the following industrial applications:

  • As raw material in the fragrance industry
  • As raw material in the flavors industry
  • As a condiment in the food industry