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A brief description

Shellac is a hard, brittle resin secreted by the female lac bug Kerria lacca. The bug, which is mainly native to India, sucks the sap out of the tree and excretes it as resin. The cocoon-like formations created thereby are cleaned, bleached and

sold in the form of flakes. Shellac comes in many colours, ranging from light yellow to dark brown with varying shades of brown, orange and red in between. The colour depends on the harvesting period and the type of tree upon which the insects feed.

Applications of Shellac

Glazing- and coating agent
Suspension agent
Film former

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products
Film former
Coating agent

Other important applications
Lacquers and paints
Film former or coating agent for waxes and polishes

Our product portfolio

We supply different grades from Indian producers.