Locust bean gum powder

Johannisbrotkernmehl Pulver

A brief description

Locust bean gum is a vegetable gum and natural thickening agent that is extracted from the seeds of the carob tree. The heat- and drought resistant carob tree is indigenous to the Mediterranean region, with Spain, Italy and Portugal being the main producing countries. The carob tree is a member of the legume family and has large, oblong, dark brown curved pods with thickened margins and a leathery shell. The composition of the beans contained therein is roughly 30% coat, 45% endosperm and 25% embryo or germ.

The approved thickening agent is extracted from the endosperm by means of a special grinding- and refinement process. It is a partially digestible polysaccharide consisting of galactose and mannose, similar to guar gum. Locust bean gum is less soluble at room temperature than guar gum. For this reason, it is normally dissolved in hot water.  This heat stability is the reason that it is often used in instant soups. In practice, the synergetic effects that can be achieved with other gums, such as xanthan gum, carragenan or agar are often exploited.

Applications of locust bean gum

Thickening agent

Dairy products, sauces, dressings
Suspension agent, stabiliser
Gelling agent
Thickening agent

Baked goods
Improved moisture properties, improved freezing properties, softer texture, crispier crust

Ice cream
Improved freezing properties
Prevents irregular formation of ice crystals
Improves shelf-life

Thickening agent for printing inks

Paper industry

Textile industry

Our product portfolio

Willy Benecke can supply different grades, depending on the requirements. We can also supply you with certified organic grades.

Every batch is tested by our in-house laboratory. Our grades fulfill the statutory requirements of EU Regulation 231/2012 for E410.